Description of the process.

Techno forge’s process is developed to provide our clients forges made with hammer & press processes. This way we offer a great economic, quality, and time advantage in contrast with the competition.
Supported by its multiple processes, Techno forge is conformed by a leader who coordinates the activities of a specialized team in the development of the production of forged products that, for each project, is in charge of interpreting the requirements of our clients; Support the price processes; develop the engineering processes and the planning of quality. We also ensure the acquisition of inputs and material services which are essential for the manufacturing of all products.
Techno forge´s quality is guaranteed by the professional knowledge of our people, our modern facilities, and the process-specialized laboratories. Also, all of our processes of manufacturing are strictly supervised and controlled to ensure the correct operation of our automated technologies.
In this company we produce forged pieces made of both standard and alloy steel. In the finished area, all forged pieces are cleaned and finished for its delivery. To conclude this work we use an ammunition polisher room with a 14 cubic foot capacity.